Academic Word List Course 4

    Welcome to Academic Word List Course 4,

    This course includes 16 Units focused on helping students succeed with hundreds of advanced vocabulary terms in academic and professional settings. Units include videos with vocabulary terms, definitions, and sentences.  In addition, students are directed to complete several exercises including matching vocabulary terms with the correct definitions, as well as identifying vocabulary terms within sentences.

    Directions for Students:

      1. Please watch each vocabulary video carefully two or more times.
      2. On your own notebook, please write down the vocabulary terms that are challenging and use a translator such as Google Translate at to translate them.
      3. Complete the vocabulary exercises and check the Answer Keys to identify the results.
      4. Once you finish each unit, please make sure you: 1. Click on the button: "Mark as Completed" and 2. Click on the button: "Next Unit" to get credit for your work and move on to the following unit.
    Module 1 Module 1
    Unit 1 Unit 1  
    Unit 2 Unit 2  
    Unit 3 Unit 3  
    Unit 4 Unit 4  
    Unit 5 Unit 5  
    Unit 6 Unit 6  
    Unit 7 Unit 7  
    Unit 8 Unit 8  
    Unit 9 Unit 9  
    Unit 10 Unit 10  
    Unit 11 Unit 11  
    Unit 12 Unit 12  
    Unit 13 Unit 13  
    Unit 14 Unit 14  
    Unit 15 Unit 15  
    Unit 16 Unit 16  
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