American English Academic Note-Taking Course

    Welcome to American English Academic Note-Taking Course,


    This course includes 10 Units focussed on helping students succeed in taking effective notes in educational and professional settings. Units include articles with SAT-style multiple choice tests, as well as videos with activities, and links to lecture videos to ensure familiarity and understanding of the most successful ways to take effective notes.

    Directions for Students:

    1. Please read each article, review each lesson closely, and complete each multiple-choice test to the best of your ability.
    2. On your own notebook, please write down the test answers and check the Answer Keys to identify the results.
    3. You are highly encouraged to do additional online research for additional note-taking strategies.
    4. Once you finish each unit, please make sure you: 1. Click on the button: "Mark as Completed" and 2. Click on the button: "Next Unit" to get credit for your work and move on to the following unit.
    Module 1 Module 1
    Unit 1 Unit 1: How to Summarize Lectures into Notes  
    Unit 2 Unit 2: Why Is It Important to Take Good Notes During College Lectures  
    Unit 3 Unit 3: Important College Note-Taking Skills  
    Unit 4 Unit 4: What is the Cornell Note-Taking Method?  
    Unit 5 Unit 5: Video and Activities: Taking Notes  
    Unit 6 Unit 6: Video and Activities: How to Enjoy and Remember every Lecture  
    Unit 7 Unit 7: Video and Activities: How to Take Cornell Notes  
    Unit 8 Unit 8: College-Level Medical Lectures  
    Unit 9 Unit 9: College-Level Lectures: Introduction to Psychology with Paul Bloom  
    Unit 10 Unit 10: College-Level Lectures: History of the World to 1500 CE  
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