American Test Preparation Course

    Welcome to the American Test Preparation Course,

    This course is designed for American English Learners to become more familiar with some of the most important assessments at American educational institutions.  The more knowledge and awareness students have of these assessments, the more successful they are in educational and professional settings in the United States of America.

    This course includes helpful information, as well as links to websites and videos for the following official assessments:

    1. ASVAB
    2. TABE
    3. CASAS
    4. GED
    5. SAT
    6. TOEFL
    7. GRE

    Great News! California International Online School (CAINTOS) students already have access to level-based skill-building exercises to increase knowledge and test scores in CASAS, TABE, and the SAT. For more information and test-practice, students are highly encouraged to do further research by accessing additional videos and websites.

    This course includes 2 Modules with 8 Units each. Units include articles with SAT-style multiple choice tests, as well as review lessons, and links to websites and videos to ensure familiarity and understanding of each of the assessments listed above.

    Directions for Students:

    1. Please read each article, review each lesson closely, and complete each multiple-choice test to the best of your ability.
    2. On your own notebook, please write down the test answers and check the Answer Keys to identify the results.
    3. You are highly encouraged to do additional online research for each of these assessments.
    4. Once you finish each unit, please make sure you: 1. Click on the button: "Mark as Completed" and 2. Click on the button: "Next Unit" to get credit for your work and move on to the following unit.


    Module 1 Module 1
    Unit 1 Unit 1: Introduction  
    Unit 2 Unit 2: ASVAB Part 1  
    Unit 3 Unit 3: ASVAB Part 2  
    Unit 4 Unit 4: TABE Part 1  
    Unit 5 Unit 5: TABE Part 2  
    Unit 6 Unit 6: CASAS Part 1  
    Unit 7 Unit 7: CASAS Part 2  
    Unit 8 Unit 8: GED Part 1  
    Module 2 Module 2
    Unit 1 Unit 9: GED Part 2  
    Unit 2 Unit 10: SAT Part 1  
    Unit 3 Unit 11: SAT Part 2  
    Unit 4 Unit 12: SAT Part 3  
    Unit 5 Unit 13: TOEFL Part 1  
    Unit 6 Unit 14: TOEFL Part 2  
    Unit 7 Unit 15: TOEFL Part 3  
    Unit 8 Unit 16: GRE Part 1  
    Unit 9 Unit 17: GRE Part 2  
    Unit 10 Unit 18: GRE Part 3  
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